Have you ever looked at your failures as success?

A look at 2017 through success and failure.

I was going to say "failure and success" in order to emphasize the nature of success coming off of a failure. But I decided that it is important to sugar the phrase in order to even swallow that pill.

A year goes by so fast, but regrets do linger.

Why do regrets pull on us so? Why should they have such power? I think it is that spirit of perfectionism that dwells on these things. That spirit says, "You should not have done that. You should not have experienced that. It should not have been this way." All the while we dwell on it, simply wishing it didn't happen. Well, it did.

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So we all need an exercise in "getting over it."

A real good friend will have the courage to tell us to simply "move on," but will not usually have the objectiveness to hand us the tools to dig out of the mire. Self pity is a real thing. We each have to purpose in our hearts to equip ourselves and to use the proper devices.


Much of the world has figured this out. It's biblical, so we should have known this. If you haven't, don't beat yourself up. (See what I did there?) Just rejoice. Studies on happiness, contentment, and even success show us that taking time to speak out what we are grateful for is key. It is one of the habits of all wildly successful and happy people.

The other habit is the ability to learn from mistakes. Some people are so good at it that they consider mistakes and failures as blessings in themselves. They can be used as data to improve the game.

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Here's the cool thing as Believers...

We can give credit where credit is due. We don't have to be grateful to the "universe" or the "secret." We can breathe in life from the very Ruach (breath) of Yah!

We can show our gratitude to the One who made us, not our evolutionary slime-fish-chimp.

We can receive of the blessings of favor and abundance from the one who needs nothing because He made it all.


Each morning, do this:

  • Breathe in and praise Him for His Holy Spirit, and welcome Him in your lungs and in your life today.
  • Speak out loud praise to Him and His Name for who He is.
  • Verbalize three things you are grateful for.
  • Now repeat before you go to bed.

When you do your evening prayer time, ask each person to share one thing he/she is grateful for.

Here's to your success in 2017!

and to those failures.

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