I am all about saving money and getting stuff for less moolah. After all, my web site is "Basically The Deal." While I enjoy simplicity and truth, I get a kick out of shopping for super bargains. Yes, that means, I will be scanning Walgreens' Valentines clearance real soon. I can sip on a snoopy holding a heart mug all year round. As a matter of fact, I can set it right next to my Frosty snowmobiling mug in the cabinet... or is it in the sink? Either way...

However, there are some things that, I say, do not pay to "buy cheap." It's all about value, reliability, and durability. There are many more, but I am focusing on the body... and I mean outward body. I can speak to the idea of cheap food later.


By Ralf Roletschek (talk) - Fahrradtechnik auf fahrradmonteur.de - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16841673

What three things should you never buy cheap (according to Paul Bass):


Your entire weight rests on your feet. Except when you are sitting, or lying down, or the short amount of time that you may soar in the air when you jump off of something. In my day, we called them Bobos. I have no idea where the term originated, so if it is evil, please let me know. If you are going to take up running, do not run to the discount store that shall remain nameless. Your feet are important and just because some of us may not be able to see them, is no reason to forget them. Don't believe me? Here's an article by The Shoe Snob. Listen to the the "Snob" speak.

Why Are A Pair Of Nice Shoes So Important?

Look, I know that not everyone is rich or may not care about fashion nor dressing up etc. but having a nice pair of shoes is a must in being a respectable man in this world. Luckily for most, times...


Do not listen to ZZ Top. Again, I must lecture about the importance of sight. These are your eyes and they must be cared for. The dollar store glasses do not have the adequate manufacturing care and detail that your name brand might have. You may find that you don't lose the expensive ones as often as you misplace the cheap ones. This doctrine stands for eyeglasses of all types. Discount store reading glasses in a pinch, but get some that you had to work for. I learned this when I did some photo work for an optometrist. He used me as a lab rat and paid me in Ray Ban. Once I saw (That's right, "saw.") the difference, I have been a sunglasses aficionado. Here is someone who can back me up on this:

Importance of High Quality Sunglasses // A Side of Sweet

For me, sunglasses are far more than a pretty accessory - they are an important part of my protecting my eyesight. Something I always repeat in my mind when I'm tempted by a cute pair of cheap lenses - you only get one set of eyes. We can replace kidneys, livers, even hearts!


I will admit this is not as crucial as eyes and feet, but watches are made differently. You don't want me to get into the different crystals and such, but a higher priced watch is worth the money. I will admit that in this category (as in others) there is a tremendous amount of excess. I am simply not talking about the "thousands" category. Simply the "more than 20 bucks" variety. At the end I will give my recommendations for finding the best deals on all of these items. But for now, I must compare a Citizen to a... wow. You see, I don't cuss, but is it OK to write crap? Well, you know what I mean. I have a solar powered Citizen that I bought when a jewelry store went out of biz. It just works. I have had, possibly a dozen watches that have not kept on kicking even after their licking. Oh, and I tested it's water resistance claims. It says 150 feet underwater. I went 120, and it leaked. I wrote Citizen. They said, "Send it back." I did, and I got a new one. That is a huge reason for many higher end items. That is why rich people buy expensive stuff (aside from the status symbol thing), because they don't like messing with broken things. Now, I may not subscribe to the idea of "luxury watch" but here is an interesting article for watch fans like myself.

FIGURES FIGURES FIGURES ... Estimated watches sold and estimated turnover of the major watch brands in Switzerland and Germany (Updated 09.06.2013 & 06.08.2013)

This is an overview put together for you after collecting a lot of information during Baselworld and reading various publications afterwards. Estimated? Yes! Guys, all pieces sold and the turnovers mentioned here are unfortunately estimated, since no one really tells you his [...]

Now, here is the not Holy, but Special Grail (I couldn't afford the Holy one) of buying all this expensive stuff I'm mentioning. Here are tips for finding them for up to 75% off.

  • Woot.com - http://accessories.woot.com/plus/tumi-sunglasses-and-readers-5?ref=w_gh_aw_6_wp_8
  • Groupon.com - https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-bernoulli-ara-mens-multi-function-watch-1
  • Amazon - http://amzn.to/2kNwahv
  • TJ Max - Watches are often on clearance. You can get a $200 watch for $30 just about any day.
  • Sunglass Hut - Look for the clearance section. Glasses are like cars. A new model comes out each year and last year's model will go on sale. I have seen Costas for $69.
  • Ross - Oh my goodness. Sometimes I find shoes here that, I tell you, they don't know what they have. We are talking Nike and Merrill for $30. Normal price: $80-150.

So, even though it's important to get the best quality, people don't have to know that you only paid a few bucks for these items... However, your eyes, feet and sense of time will know for sure that you didn't shop at the dollar hut for that stuff.


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