OK, so I have never seen an episode of Who's The Boss. As I understand, it was a quality program about a man nanny, or perhaps a "manny." The clips I saw were cute enough, but I wasn't looking for cute in my TV shows. I look for cute in my baby bunnies, in my collection of bubble gum sculptures, but not in my sitcom.

What do you look for in a TV show? And how many of those things do you watch? Just how much time do you spend in front of the TV and how much time do you spend watching TV. For some people, those are two different numbers. Some leave it on, essentially, perpetually. According to the NY Times, citing Nielson, Americans spend 9.5 hours consuming all types of media. The total for TV itself has been steadily decreasing each year. So the 2016 article claims that we have reduced it by 19 minutes in just two years. In 2016 it was 5 hours and four minutes. Go America!

Giving ourselves a new smarty-pants phone every six months has really helped curb that appetite for the snack of TV. I have zero idea how to make 5 hours happen. I hate to be in the back of the class and all. However, I run a TV station, so I should be happy about the numbers of potential hours in which I can sport my leisure suit and hawk for money with a Bible in my hand.

Here are my 3 Tips To Show Your TV Who's The Boss:be intentional with TV

  1. Be intentional with your TV. Stop taking her/or Him for granted. Don't just fire it up and let it bring you whatever comes along. Make it an event. Ephesians 5:15-16
  2. Make a date. Stop stalking your TV. Be all proper and find out what would be the best time, after all the family things and personal things have been taken care of. Get rid of any piece of furniture that feels like it was made only for TV watching if that's what it takes. Say bye bye to the.. eh-hem, Lazy Boy.
  3. Pick your favorite show. This is what we started years ago. My wife and I, each, picked a favorite show. If you only had time for one program this week, which would it be? In our case, we let each other watch the show we picked. This can work for families. If you have a large family, you may want to limit this in some way. The Duggars would come close to the national average when it comes to hours in front of the screen. If that were the case, think of how boring their show would have been. "Tune in to watch the Duggars watch themselves on TV."

I think that is Basically The Deal: How boring are we if we spend 35 of our weekly hours sitting in front of a TV letting someone else be interesting? Let's go have fun. Seriously, if you don't remember how to enjoy life, it might be your TV's fault - or your own.


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