I can literally speak for a good while on the health related stuff. I have shared with many about how beneficial a Keto Diet can be. I have read numerous books and studies, and I could share some of them with you. But...

I want to share what eating a high protein/low carb diet did for me.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I have played one on TV. My results may vary from someone else, but I can tell you that I am not alone in this. Others have found help and health where other lifestyles of eating have failed. I must also say that, I have recently started eating this way again, and I can talk more about that later.

In 2001, I was overweight...

and living with a bit of pain in my joints. I was 35. I had understood that this was what happens as we age. But I really wanted to get rid of the 30 lbs that needed to go "bye bye." I found a book called "Lean For Life" by the Lindora Institute. Kathleen helped me to get rolling on it. It was designed to walk you through eating a low carb diet. It was structured very thoughtfully. We stuck to it real well and I noticed as I would walk by the mirror, I was starting to lose weight. I remember seeing my face in the reflection of the car windshield and thinking, "Wow, I didn't realize that my face was getting fat."

I lost 35 lbs. in about 45 days.

Eventually the program showed us how to slowly introduce healthy carbs. It worked, and, incidentally, I kept it off for 10 years. But that was not what amazed me. Eating low-low carbs during that 60 day program transformed me. Some of the junk that it corrected - I didn't even think was correctable.

What I discovered after 6 weeks on Keto:

I slept better - way better. I had always had insomnia before that.

Oh yes, I lost the weight. I became high school weight again.

My arthritis pain in my wrists and hip completely went away.

The rumbly tremors behind my eyes, that I had experienced for most of my life, disappeared. I think these were caused by migraines.

And IBS (also pretty much a life-long thing) - GONE!

As I mentioned, I just wanted to fit in my skinny jeans again and I got such a bonus pack. Even today, I have gained the weight back (in the last 6 years). However, I still have no arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome.

That is why I looked more into the studies which told us to eat no fats, and low fat everything. I found them to be motivated by an ideology. Then I found the Weston A. Price Foundation. Wow, there have been cultures all around the world who never knew heart disease and diabetes until they started to eat food that was crafted and packaged in boxes.

I have now, gained back all the weight (plus 3 lbs.). I have certainly eaten my share of boxed and engineered "foods." Why do we do that which we do not want to do? I discovered intermittent fasting and that has promising effects for maintaining a healthy weight. But eating Keto is the only way for me to lose.

So here I go.

I am already on day 3 and going strong.

The metabolism is not what it was 16 years ago, but I will stick here. Getting through 3 days is usually the toughest. Guess what else... Holidays! Boom, look at all the delicacies. I see them in my head already. As a matter of fact, there is a banquet in 2 days for me. But I have lost 4 lbs. in 4 days. Let's hope day 60 will see me in some skinny jeans.

I enjoy being healthy.

I'm an old dad, so I hope to climb another mountain or two with my youngsters. Shaking a sugar addiction, for me, is key.

Here is a great book if you want to know the truth about fats in the diet. It is thoroughly researched. It will give a perspective on why government has been telling us to keep eating more grains and get off of meats.

Here is a short video that helps.


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