I have been threatening my younger self that I would give him a piece of my mind. What better day, than the day I turn one year older. Wanta hear it? Here it goes:

  1. Put down the Pepsi and walk away.
  2. Make your grandma tell you MORE stories.
  3. There are blessings and there are curses. Which will you BE?
  4. Don't stop writing letters to people with a pen and paper.
  5. That movie you loved last night? In 20 years, you will ask yourself, "What did I like about that movie? The dog looks so fake."
  6. You will NOT own a flying car. Stop thinking about it.
  7. Invest in something called Facebook.
  8. Read more books.
  9. Stop buying cassette tapes.
  10. Start eating Broccoli now.
  11. You will never like tuna in a can, don't stress.
  12. Invest in something called Starbucks, but don't develop a taste for coffee.
  13. Buy silver. Buy gold.
  14. If you buy stocks sell them around 2000. If you buy a house, sell before 2006.
  15. It's true, you won't forget how to ride a bike.
  16. The aches and pains that begin in your 30's are NOT a normal part of growing older.
  17. Don't give away your one pair of parachute pants.
  18. Seriously, you DO gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.
  19. That's about the only country song you should believe.
  20. Have coffee (even though you don't like coffee) with every world war II vet you know. And if you can, find more of them.
  21. Don't stop wearing jeans.
  22. Don't stop wearing T-shirts.
  23. Build a little every day. Don't tear down.
  24. Volunteer every week.
  25. Start the word "Bigly."
  26. Don't say yes so much. Find out a real good way to say, "no."
  27. Write every day.
  28. You will still love to drive, so you might as well figure out a way to get paid to travel.
  29. Serve in the military. Stuff is brewing.
  30. Learn to apologize and move forward. Regrets are heavy.
  31. Say THANK YOU every time it fits.
  32. Say stuff that may seem like a cliche', stuff like congratulations, and condolences, and where are you from.
  33. Children are a blessing, and God does not lie.
  34. Learn, Learn, and repeat.
  35. Sugar is OK for a feats or celebration but you might want to consider it as an enemy on other days.
  36. Don't worry about coming up with a favorite sports team, or knowing who won the big game. You won't need it.
  37. There are going to be places that you are going to love. And they are better than the post cards.
  38. There will be places that you will totally dislike. If I warned you, you would miss knowing the people.
  39. You will still like using the word "totally."
  40. Do not live with debt. Ride a bike before financing that car.
  41. Pop culture has almost no answers. It will stunt your growth.
  42. Every love story in a movie is wrong.
  43. Get to know Hebrew.
  44. Learn ukulele.
  45. Learn to speak Spanish.
  46. Don't stop running. You will like it.
  47. Never watch a superbowl half-time show. (and if you ever forget how old you are, look at the number of the superbowl for the current year.)
  48. Wake up earlier and show up earlier.
  49. Make an appointment every morning with your Creator. Read His Words, Pray His Words, pray your words.
  50. Rest.
  51. You are blessed. You are a gifted, highly favored messenger of God's grace. He has ordained you for a purpose.

Whew. I hope the young me listens. I would hate for him to go through some of what I did to get here.

Thanks for reading. If you have a word of wisdom for 20-year-old me, leave it in the comment box below. I'll see that he gets the message.

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