I realize if you were counting days in 2017 and looking at the fact that this is book one, you might be tempted to say, Hmm." Well, I must say that I am close to finishing another two. So, here's the first.

You see, my goal is to really bring value (and readers) to my blog as well as our family and ministry sites. Therefore, I learn, learn, learn. What am I doing right (a teensy bit) and what needs improvement?

"SEO Content Factory" is a lead capture book. It is free for simply joining the mailing list. The book is a good enough guidebook to creating more content overall. The product is Blog Riffer which is a tool for curating articles and bringing them together into a blog. This is supposed to help with SEO. Many sites are successfully doing this and we happen to click on their FB posts. In a sense, Drudge does this.

The goal of this book is to provide usable instructions as well as inspire a purchase of the RSS software "Blog Riffer." I just may purchase. It is so much more affordable than the gang of super-duper courses out there. They are mostly asking for $500-$1500. The software WITH training videos and a book start at $29.

So, that leads me to my next quarter of learning - Book writing for lead capture.

Below is the link to the website, if you are interested. If you read, let me know what you think. If you are just starting, or are making money online, leave me a link to your site.




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