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Words for 2018 and beyond

Note: I have transcribed the audio as best as I can in short fashion. As it is a talk, some of the sentences may run on a bit, but this should be helpful to print out and refer back. These are the words from the video, they are not mine. I thought it would be helpful to match this with the words of the Holy Ruach to you. Test everything with scripture.

The Lord woke me up about eight something on December the 23rd of last year just a couple of three weeks ago. When the Lord woke me up in the morning time I had just gone to bed that morning about 4 o'clock. I heard the Lord say to me,

"Tell my people that 2018 is going to be the year of divine interruptions."

Webster defines interruption as, "to hinder by breaking in to yield to a higher priority. To stop the execution of a plan. To break continuity, to impose one's will above another's, to overrule one another or remark while another one is speaking." I want to say to you that the Lord said to me,

"Tell my people I am going to break him. They are going to yield to a higher authority. I am going to stop the execution of the plans of the enemy."

God said "I'm going to break the continuity of last year. It will not pick up with this year. It's broken off from last year and the Lord said I am going to impose my will over those that have thought they have imposed their will over mine."

And the Holy Spirit said, "I am going to overrule one another saying, what they have been saying is wrong. What they have been saying is anti-word, Antichrist, anti-God. And God says, "I'm going to rise up and let my word and my mind be known in situations."

To question or remark while another is speaking. The Lord said this year there will be those that will try to continue on as they have continued with their blasphemies and with their Antichrist rhetoric. Their voice will be stilled mid-sentence. I want you to remember what I just told you. The Lord said that their voice will be stilled mid-sentence and they will not have the breath to finish that sentence.

The Lord declares that carefully laid plans that conflict with his set time will come to an abrupt end. The Lord has risen up and charted a different course than any of us has ever seen before. Their peak events await. Whirl winds of change are going to sweep the continent's governing bodies. Those who rule will wring their hands when they realize that an alarm can control or withstand those that they have governed. Some long-standing rulers of established nations will seem to be almost non-essential.

The Lord is shortening the days. The normal course of things have been changed, and the Lord said they will not return to normal again. Just as the Lord interrupted wicked Haman's plot to destroy the Lord's people, it was Haman that hung on the newly erected gallows that his hands had constructed. Let it be known that any attempt to change laws, put laws on the books, or established written contrary covenants against God's people Israel will face swift retribution.

One: This is a set time that the Lord has chosen to fulfill his Testament with his people.

There will be no turning back. The confusion that you see today in this nation is only at the beginning stage. This confusion will increase until every continent will be affected by it. But my people will not be confused shaken up rooted or overcome. This will be a year of paradox. In many ways you will see demolition and construction. You will see decisions made, and almost as quickly as they are made, they'll be rescinded. Self-appointed leaders will rise up and many will disappear as quickly as they rose up. There will be upstarts and downfalls. Because Belshazzar mishandled my holy things concerning the Holy temple, the handwriting that appeared, contained his overthrow. I interrupted that drunken desecration to reestablish my Holy Name and my resident glory. I will do the same again in this day.

"I am jealous for my Holy Name says the Lord."

It is not revealed in scripture what would have happened to the disciples on the Sea of Galilee had Jesus not interrupted that storm. Neither will you know the outcome and plans that have been made against you. Even this night I am interrupting things on your behalf.

Number two: Grave Robber

As the widow of Nain was in route to bury her son, Jesus interrupted the procession. Her son escaped the grave that had already been prepared for him. In 2018 the Lord said I'm going to interrupt premature death, Hallelujah. I will return sons to their mothers again as with Jairus' daughter. Daughters will be returned from death sleep such as comas and life support to those believing for a miracle. The Lord declares that his name will be known again among unbelievers and even the heathen life will spring forth out of the most sterile places. Test results, medical reports, and life support connections will yield to this shift from death to life.

Number three: Time Change:

While they were still praying for his release, Peter was standing at the door knocking, trying to get them to recognize that their prayers had already been answered. Likewise, this will be a year of interrupted praying. The answer will be so fast, I will make a quick word. Even the seed sown in the ground will be accelerated. For the Lord said, "The plowman shall overtake the Reaper."

This is the beginning of what the prophets of old declared this will be a whirlwind year of confirmations and fulfillment of ancient scripture. It will be such a whirlwind here. There will be brief pauses so that you might digest the enormity of my faithfulness. Say now there are four months and then comes the harvest. No the harvest is here now.

Number four: Against All Odds

This is an early morning dream that I had two weeks ago. I saw a modern-day David emerge from the shadows with a slingshot in his hand and a fistful of extra stones. It was not the Goliath of old that this David confronted but a structure. It was an elaborate structure under construction. It was gigantic. It had a network of chambers. The height and the breadth of it was intimidating to look at. As I saw David standing there before such a structure I could not help thinking how insignificant and inadequate that little David appeared. As he released the stone from his sling it appeared at first to be random and without direction it appeared to miss the mark because I could hear it ricochet. It hit many pillars on the bottom floor. But as it ricocheted, it gained strength and quickly begin to climb from the bottom pillars to the very apex. It did not implode the building did not implode as one might imagine. It toppled and fell like a giant head first.

All this happens so suddenly, even as cranes and armies of workers were continuing to erect this monstrosity. I could not help but think of the mighty Tower of Babel being interrupted and brought to confusion. I do not know the full interpretation of what I saw but I do know the great rejoicing broke out in the streets below multitudes cheered and a roar of excitement echoed across the cities of this nation. Something sinister and evil had just collapsed. Hallelujah.

number five - not so fast.

Although I interrupted the reign of Jezebel, her downfall was sudden and totally unexpected. As it was with Jezebel of old her feet her hands and her skull survived. The feet speaks of where she's been. Her hand speaks of what she's done. The skull speaks of her evil intentions. These forensics will cause her to surely be found out. Itt has been hidden and covered up but it has not been buried. The land is in chaos and must be required because of the shedding of innocent blood. By the way the house of Ahab will also come to nought this year.

Here's the first word of knowledge

Number one: Am I dreaming?

Within a period of 12 hours your misfortune will be transformed into a fortune. It will simply be the mercy of your loving father. This will be a divine retribution for the injustice that you have had to endure. When the gavel comes down you will keep asking, "Did this really happen or am I dreaming?"

Number 2: Backstabbers

Your reputation is on the line. The Lord says things have been published online about you. Exaggerated and false accusations have taken a toll on your name. When you read what has been published, they seem to be so factual, although you know them to be lies. As the Lord would not allow the stones to reach the accused that was brought before him, he disarmed every accuser and restored her dignity. The Lord is making a way forward for you tonight. He has already determined how this is going to turn out. The Lord said these stones will not hurt you.

Number 3: Unequally yoked.

When you both started out as partners in this business you were partners indeed, but unforeseen circumstances brought grief, and selfish motives to light. You have maintained your integrity and you have displaceded yourself and your family, trying to appease, but to no avail. It's over and it's been over for a long time. The Lord is removing this yoke from off your neck and now you'll be able to stand tall again, head held high. Your way shall be prospered far more than what you lost. The brain fog will lift. Your vision for your business and your future will refocus. This has been a long time coming.

A new diagnosis.

You picked up an exotic disease and this has been going on for quite some time. This thing is so complicated it has done so much damage to your whole system. Physically you are emotionally drained, with all the tests, doctor's visits, special and exploratory medications. You will be surprised how speedily new diagnosis and treatment will turn your whole life around. This is going to be a true medical breakthrough for you.

The preacher's wife

You are the wife of a minister. You love the Lord. You love his people. You love your husband, but you are totally spent. You have even considered suicide because you have fallen into such great depression. It's not just one thing that has brought you where you are but once this dissension and satanic attack reached your family, especially your children you checked out. Now this is not something that you just deal with only at church, but now this is reached inside your home. It has become constant. The Lord has already ordered your steps in a different location. You will be surprised how quickly this rescue will take place. There will be spiritual first responders that will begin your healing immediately. There is a time to come and there's a time to go. this is your time to go. You won't even have to open the door. I am opening for you tonight.


The Lord is going to interrupt this IRS intrusion intimidation and invasion of privacy this has been a tormenting experience it has literally consumed you although there was some carelessness and ignorance on your part Holy Spirit will cause a connection to come to your attention and this connection will unravel not only this mess but unravel your nerves there will be a settlement and the settlement will be in your favor says the Lord.

The Door: Number Seven

The door swings both ways. It was wrong. You were wrong. Everything about this was wrong and the penalty is a stiff sentence but prayers have prevailed and you will escape certain judgment. But be assured it is not your goodness, it is only the mercy of God. Humble yourself before him and you will walk. But just make sure you walk with the Lord. The door that opens can surely close again.

Number 8: Solvent

this year seemingly almost everything that could go wrong in your life did the last several years but especially last year you have a strong work ethic and you're very responsible person and that's why you were so reluctant to file for bankruptcy you have been humiliated embarrassed by circumstances that were simply beyond your control that chapter of your life is being closed out you will be solvent by August of this year not just solvent either but in 2018 a year that you dread it is going to end with not only extra but excess says the Lord.

Number Nine: Expecting

Just as an expectant mother goes through many changes in preparation for the birth of her child, so it is with this new thing that Holy Spirit is about to birth in your life and ministry. First of all, you are not with the condition of things that you can barely tolerate things that never bothered you before. Those unexplained cravings that you're experiencing. You're hungry desperately for the things that you used to ignore shun and even make fun of. You have become so miserable. This misery can only be relieved by the birth of what you're carrying inside of you. But you cannot continue to carry it. Now the time of your delivery has come. Every delivery has pain but this pain will only be a momentary pain. Great joy awaits. This will be an epic year for you and your ministry.

Number 10 - Glory Fire.

the Lord knows that you would not bow he knows the stand that you have taken deceptive plans were made behind your back for your exit this fire was stoked hotter than anything you've ever faced before you were not prepared you were pushed into this just as the Red Sea was Israel's path to victory it was the end of the road for the Egyptians you will emerge from this furnace without a hair singed our smell of smoke only this will become known as your glory fire totally harmless hallelujah home is where the heart is

Number 11: Overwhelmed

At this moment, with enticing options there are many lures. And the water beckoning you to take the bait there's opportunities appealing opportunities being laid out before you trusted friends and colleagues or counseling you to go for it but your heart has changed in the last five years you have changed and no matter how hard you try you cannot feel good about this move keep your body where your heart is you know if you do this it's going to rip your roots away pay heed to the dreams upon your bed in the night hours there's no place like where your heart is.

number 12 - briar patch -

ahead there's a heartbreaking issue with a family member that it's caused alienation it has resulted in not only anguish but has caused you to slip into depression and it's cloaked you with a spirit of heaviness 2017 was a dark pit for you but there is a briar patch assigned to him it will be a very thorny place with prickly people surrounding him there are also mirrors where he will be forced to see himself as well as the pain he's caused although his pride is strong and he's skilled in many ways he will not be able to avoid this divine appointment he will emerge different man just as you prayed that he would give God praise.

Number thirteen - sunshine on your shoulders -

Your world closed in on you you have not been emotionally able to leave your house in a very long time this has been like an evil locust dining on your destiny it has consumed so many things that you once loved and enjoyed but in 2018 the Spirit of the Lord is going to expose where those locust entered your life this will not be a gradual exit but this multi-headed fear will suddenly yield under a fresh bold anointing the Lord promises you that he will restore what these local stuff consume you will fill the sunshine on your shoulders while it's still winter you will boldly go out where you've not gone even while you're hearing this you are experiencing something very powerful on the inside of you you've got praise bittersweet

number 14 after such a long time

wishing and hoping for reconciliation with a family member it will happen this year but it will be bittersweet this reconciliation will take place as you're saying a tearful farewell beside their sick bed before they're laid to rest these long-standing issues that has caused you such grief and so many tears will also be laid to rest with them in 2018

number 15 shake it off

the Apostle Paul was adding sticks to the fire the poisonous serpent bidding this attack would obviously result in his untimely demise you likewise have emerged from the cold depths of the stormy situation and you have sought to change the uncomfortable and cold atmosphere where you are but the attack has been Swift and totally unexpected just as the Apostle shook it off into the fire you must not be alarmed shake it off this is only a momentary inconvenience but there's going to be a definite change of hearts and minds as a matter of fact when they see what God has done in you notable healings will result one thing is definite the atmosphere that you sought to change will change and the snakes will retreat says the Lord being perfect

number 16 know when to fold them

sir you are consumed with gambling you can see just fine physically but you're almost totally blind to the perils of this addiction as well as the alcohol associated with it as the woman in Scripture spent all attempting to improve the quality of her life but was none better you likewise have spent more than a fortune attempting to improve your quality of life but you're also growing worse by the day you've spent more than money you've spent your family and your future your equity as a husband and as the leader of your home has all been squandered your house of cards has collapsed right before your very eyes but you will have a close encounter in 2018 but not the counter another kind of encounter you would choose because of this close encounter scales are going to fall from your eyes of your soul recovery for you will be both physical and spiritual speaking of chance God is granting you another chance this is a hand you better not refuse.

number 17 - Lyme disease

I distinctly heard the spirit instruct me to address Lyme disease in the side effects this diagnosis came long after the severe symptoms first appear had the disease quickly altered your physical and mental health no this the Lord says this has been interrupted and is breaking apart as you're hearing this word you will totally recover both physically and emotionally even the fear associated with it will fly away like a bird.

number 18 - there's an evangelist in that incubator

the Lord said you have asked me and I have given you the desire of your heart I have given you a son your son shall live although the signs and sounds around him frighten you I have ordained that he will walk I'll put my words in him and he will speak I will show him my salvation and he will see yet in just a little while you too will see my faithfulness says the Lord

number nineteen - defenders

you have a facial defend your friends and family pay no attention to it because of the inner beauty of who you are the life that you have lived of constantly comparing yourself to others in the low self-esteem that you battled for so many years has left you literally existing with no hope of change the change is indeed at the door a medical artist I am raising a and he will masterfully use his skills to literally change your life your mirror will become your best friend the Lord says that he will literally become the lifter of your head.

Number twenty - Cinderella complex -

I know this sounds strange but this is a word Lord gave me Cinderella complex there's a precious lady that's listening to me right now that is suffering from what I will call a Cinderella complex you have suffered at the hands of others you have been neglected mishandled and deprived most of your early life but because of the grace and mercy z' of god towards you now you have tasted the goodness and the blessings of life and it has been as if you've been walking in golden slippers you have found love admiration and acceptance but you can't truly enjoy what you've been given because of insecurity and overwhelming fear that is all going to be taken from you it's like a dread of an impending midnight hour when all these good things in your life will revert back to how they used to be the prince that you've come to know and love is coming to you again he has searched you out because of his love for you and his slippers will just fit your naked feet these are not just any slippers but these slippers are shod with the preparation of peace just your size he knows all about you in these slippers you will not be able to walk backwards any longer only forwards your worst memories are past your best memories are right before you he's knocking at the door even as I'm speaking.

and this is number 21, the last word - are you ready?

the Lord says greater glory is coming there will be a shift in the fall of 2018 as the Jewish New Year emerges it will bring with it extraordinary changes the measure of glory that has rested upon the former house we'll begin the transition to the long-awaited glory that's going to rest on the latter house this shift will not only be for the Jew but also for the Gentile church this transition shall happen in the midst of gross darkness and much resistance do not be alarmed know this that the Lord shall shake all nations he will shake the heavens as well as the earth before the desire of all nations shall come this is the time now is that season lift up your heads for the glory and the lifter of your heads is drawing near give God praise in this house tonight.

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