Let's talk about adoption.

child photo

When it comes to adoption, you need to discover that it is more than just one person giving another one a child. It's not super easy, most of the time. Adoption is a legal way to allow a child to have permanent residency with another person other than their biological parents.

While there are many reasons why someone will put their children up for adoption, there are also several other reasons why someone wishes to adopt.

With an open adoption you will be able to keep a level of open communication with the biological parents of the child. Sometimes They write letters to the child, and the child is able to contact them. In time, a routine can form, but it is very important that you consider your options when it comes to entering into an adoption arrangement. All the agreements can vary and it all depends on how both parties feel about having such an open adoption.

As we mentioned, there are many issues that may contribute to a child going into an adoption situation. Sometimes they are abandoned, but often it is the mother who decides that this is best for her baby. Often babies are born to mothers and fathers who are unable to take care of themselves let alone a child. Sometimes a child is removed from the family because of government intervention. This is especially difficult for all parties involved. You wish it were not the case, but too often children need serious rescuing. we need to pray for the little ones in harms way and ask to help when we can. There are many more reasons why a child is placed in an adoption agency.

Generally, adoption is done in the best interest of the child. It is so that the child can have a life better than what was offered to them. Often, a birth parent who chooses to give up the child is not seen as the hero, but she is just that. It takes tremendous courage to seek help in this way. Thank God for the mothers and fathers who, in the face of whatever set-backs, can seek to give their child to another adult to provide shelter. Thank you for finding that adoption is an option in order to give this child a better future.

Bless you. You have transformed our lives and given life, hope - and even sometimes Jesus, to your birth child.


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