Am I Jewish in my beliefs?

Do you know that Christians are supposed to have the same book as Jews? Do you know that both Jews AND Christians have had rulers (called Rabbi's and Fathers) who have gone off the page and taken it in their own hands to create a bunch of laws?

Here's a novel thought.

Even the doctrine that there is no doctrine is an extra-biblical doctrine. My fellow Christian, get ready to have the strongest disagreement and the strongest agreement, all in the same principle.

The Messiah will come.

"I believe, with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah, and though He may delay, nevertheless I wait for His coming every day." - Maimonides

I gotta be honest, this kind of talk is not popular. Most Christians celebrate their differences rather than similarities with Jews. And, here's the deal. Christians throughout history have manufactured them. I say this because I have experienced it first hand. As a matter of fact, this entire project is in response to this.


Does it look Jewish?

There is a restoration that will happen at end of time. In the midst of a revival of persecution and apostasy, a purer religion will rise to the top. "The top" is not popularity. The top is a family living in a home, growing a garden, and a cluster of kids. They live a peaceable life with the Bible as their guide. Their alms go to helping widows, orphans, and sojourners, not a corporate entity called church.

And when persecution get too hot.

They move to another location. Higher up the mountain, further down the coast, etc.

This has been the life of the Jew waiting for the Messiah. The persecution - largely from groups who claim to be the "one true church."

This has been the life of the Christian waiting for the Messiah. The persecution - largely from groups who claim to be the "one true church."

There's the big similarity for you?

In the eyes of the apostate church, the honest seeker gets crucified. Jew or Christian.

Will the Messiah return? Yes.

All true believers (The Bible calls us Israel) will be saved, rescued by the victorious King who can slay with the sword of his word.

And those in whatever church who have spent their time cursing the Jew will be cursed.

I choose life. I choose a blessing.

Come Lord Messiah, our Yeshua (Salvation).

P.S. I realize that some Jews do not believe that Yeshua/Jesus was not the Messiah, while most Christians do. This does not make the statement "Messiah will come" untrue for either party.

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