We are finally at the thirteenth Principle of The Jewish Faith as composed by Maimonides. If you have not read the entire series, "Am I Jewish, I invite you to do so. You may find yourself in the middle of this flight. It would be best to enjoy the take-off before the landing.


The 13th principle is as follows:

"I believe with complete faith that there will be a resurrection of the dead, when the Creator so wills..."

In short: There will be a resurrection.

We know in Matt. 22 and Acts 23 that the Sadducees were the sect of Jews who did not believe in a resurrection. Right there we see that not all Jews believe in the same things that other Jews believe.

Have Christians ever disagreed on doctrine?

If you have disagreed with another Christian, which one of you is the "real" Christian? 

Christians generally believe in a resurrection of the dead and that Jesus was the example. He fulfilled the prophecy to make the dead to walk. He Himself became the fulfillment of the Biblical feast of Firstfruits. He was the first fruit of the resurrection.

Sure, many Jews have not realized this yet. Many do not believe that Yeshua arose from death. There are distinctions. There are differences. But at the core - this Jewish belief is shared by Christians.

Can you say, "I believe there will be a resurrection of the dead?"

Can you say that the dry bones will walk with new flesh? Maybe we will see this fulfilled in our life time, and we won't be able to shake our finger at the Jew because he knew it already. He has been waiting for the Messiah. Many know that Yeshua of Nazareth was the real Jewish chosen one. Many await the Messiah without the knowledge that He has been here before.

Much of this tragedy is the fault of the institutions we know as churches.

Jesus has been given a plastic surgery, a name change, a dye job, a new diet, and a wardrobe change, to say the least. If the real Yeshua of Nazareth stood before us, how many Jews would recognize this Son of Man? How many Christians would not be able to spot Him.

The real Savior did not look like the one in most of the movies, paintings, and statues. What makes you think all these people really know Him? How many people would bow down to this Jew? Would you be able to look at this man and say, "You are my King, my Redeemer!"

I tell you that evangelism must one day change from Christians making Jews into Christians. We must find the humility and the zeal to say,

"your people shall be my people, and your God my God;" (Ruth 1:16 WEB)

Sadly, I know of very few Christians who will admit that "Salvation is from the Jews." (Jn 4:22)


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