How many people do you know who are disabled? Are you disabled? I would like to look at the numbers of disabled people in this country and ask ourselves if we have a crisis. If so, why are we not concerned.

Disclaimer: If you , or someone you know is currently receiving some form of disability compensation, please do not take this as an offense to you. It is my wish that this be not so. That you would walk in wholeness and healing. I wish the best for you. I am not on a crusade to strip away your assistance.


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Since I have moved to a capital city, I don't think I can report the number of people that I have met who are receiving regular disability compensation from the government. I currently work in prison ministry. As an inmate becomes free, many have been counseled to seek this form of assistance as income. It is extremely hard to get a job when you have any type of criminal record. Therefore, for many, this becomes their only form of sandwich money.

As with any form of government assistance, there are some who take advantage of it, who exploit the system, and those who do not. I am not here to throw stones at any individuals.

I recently spent some time in a lovely town, on vacation. I had a discussion with an owner of a thrift store. He stated that he loves the town but that it has been super hard to find any employees to help him and his wife operate the storefront. What is the main reason that he cited? Disability. He reported that so many people in this community are on disability compensation that they do not want to work "too much" or they will lose their checks from the state. He has had many offers to help from people who wish to receive cash "under the table" salary, in order to keep their government money coming in. Can we at least see that something is broken here?


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I made the acquaintance of a very nice preacher. He goes about doing nice things for his community. He referred to a certain point in time when he received his disability. I had sympathy for his condition and I verbalized that I was sorry to hear this. His response was this: "No. It is a blessing. I tried for months to receive it. Now, I can focus on ministry without worrying about a job." When this man referred to "his disability" he was not referring to a condition, he was talking about a check. Do you think he wants to be healed?

Do you want to hear of a bold woman from Africa? A missionary. Do you want to hear of a radical example? I met a physically disabled person (the missionary to the USA) who was a survival of an attempted abortion. She also survived being crushed by a car. When you see her walk... it's not right. But she gets around. She was preaching at a church in Mississippi and she related this interaction with a person on disability assistance from the government.

A lady called her and asked for prayer. This woman was on assistance and was experiencing quite a bit of pain from her actual disability. She was not a faker. The woman essentially said, "Sister, will you pray for me. I need healing. I am in so much pain." The missionary said, "You don't want me to pray for healing. You don't want that to go away. If you are healed, you will no longer receive your payments for that illness." This bold preacher stated that it would have been hypocritical for her to wish the pain away but keep the disability. I don't know of anyone else with that kind of boldness, but doesn't it make you think?

One statistic says that about one out of every five people in America are disabled.

Europe? 14% -


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What do we do with that? Blame it on bad health care? Blame it on McDonalds or Twinkies?

Look, every individual has his own story. I think we love to blame and point pointy things at people when stuff goes wrong. But something here is wrong. Either too many people are getting hurt, or not enough people are getting healed - maybe both. What do we do?

You could yell at me for writing this, but I am concerned for my community. I don't believe we have ever been in a situation where it was so hard to find a job and so hard for employers to find a good employee. Usually, it's one or the other. Now, we are becoming a nation of unhire-ables. This nation needs healing. Do we really want to be well? That's all I'm asking.

Do we want to be healed? Do we have faith in God any more? Or just Lady Liberty?

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