Are we addicted to our media? Are our children movie addicts?

We do like our TV in this nation. Averaging 5 hours of TV a day is not easy to do. You have to work at it. I wonder how much the total is when you combine the TV with the web surfing and social media lurking.

But let's talk about the movies. I am quite a fan of the medium, therefore my children are as well. But I try to emphasize that it is better to have set times for movies than to use them as constant surrogates.

Watching a movie can truly be entertaining, even for small children. Some people honestly believe that letting the children watch programs or movies is just horrible because too much TV is bad for them or it might make them lazy children!

I know that we are all entitled to our own opinion. As parents, we should be aware of what is right and what is wrong, whenever it comes to raising our own children. If we feel as though allowing them the opportunity to watch an occasional dvd from Redbox is ok, then it should definitely be ok and you should never feel as though you are going to have to justify it in any way at all, to your friends or family members.

Watch it with them - or preview the movie.

That means really watch it. I literally go to the theater and watch many movies first. Sometimes I take one of my older children with me before we unleash it on the little ones. This is the theory behind my Basically the Deal on Movies Youtube series. However, watching a dvd can be loads of fun and quite entertaining to young children. As a family, we enjoy referencing the movies we have enjoyed together. Movies can even help to educate them in some ways, depending on what it is you are allowing them to watch. Monitoring what your children are watching on television or on dvd's is more important and serious than just simply not allowing them to watch any movie at all.

Most children do have their favorite movies that they absolutely adore watching by themselves or even with their friends. Children have good memories. Children that know how to watch an occasional dvd seem to be quite observant, maybe even a bit more intuitive than you or me. As I mentioned though, it all depends on which type of movie you are permitting them to watch.

Do not damage your child for the sake of entertainment.

Entertainment, as any art form, should enlighten, not burden, a child. We should not allow your children to watch violent or gory types of movies for, what should be, obvious reasons. You can simply can not be too cautious whenever it comes to using good judgment when allowing them to enjoy watching a dvd every couple days or so. It will bring you great joy to see your children laughing and singing along while they are watching their favorite movie at home and it will show you and prove to you that not all television is bad television, not all movies are bad movies.

Maybe the parents are the movie addicts?

We as their parents certainly need to show plenty of caution whenever we choose to allow them to just watch any "kids" movie. that should never happen. Get back online and do more research so that you can browse through the awesome selection and pick out an incredible dvd for your children today, they will surely be glad that you did!

Here are some resources for researching the movies before we watch.

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Here are some movies for this year. Enjoy this preview.

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