Since I am an author, I have decided to add this "Kindle Covers" resource (and other products) to my blog. If you know any authors or budding authors, please share:

kindle e-covers

Grab Beautiful 75 Kindle Covers (for eBook publishers...)
Download 75 Beautiful Kindle Covers (for eBook publishers...)

I'm sure you are aware, Amazon
Kindle allows creative writers like you (and me)
to publish books online.

Writers can have books published within
48 hours, get worldwide exposure, have
it ready for all Kindle devices and
apps and earn royalties of 70%.

It's a very lucrative system because it
allows writers to focus on writing, and
Amazon Kindle to provide the exposure.

There are 1000s of writers who are
already making a part-time even
full-time income just doing this which
is why the demand for quality book
covers continues to grow.


If you plan on publishing your own
stories online then you need to stand
out from the crowd.

You need a cover that attracts your
reader's attention and 'greys out' your

The only problem is that creating your
own covers from scratch is not for


* You need to convey some idea of what
your book is about in one image

* You need some natural flair for art
and design

* You need to have some Photoshop skills

* You need to know how to position your

* You need to know how what fonts to use

* You need to choose the right image
for your cover

* You need a color scheme that works


Designing book covers is an art all
onto itself and is not for everyone.

Even if you outsource it, you could
easily run up a hefty bill and that's
after several revisions and back and
forth emails. And who's to say you'll
still be happy with it after it's done?

If you're looking for a solution that
will solve all your book cover problems
then this is it.



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