Impacted without doubt. This is a trues story of a holocaust survivor. Young Syvia was one of only 12 children who made it out of the Lodz ghetto in Poland during Nazi occupation.

nazi ghetto

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Syvia was four years old when it started. She has recently told her story for the first time. She now helps others to tell. This book is a reminder of the truth of the evil that enabled men to kill with no remorse and enabled people in general to watch and not be moved to stop it. There is a miraculous thread to this biography.

It is written in verse, with the voice of a young girl. Most of it is retold in first person, present tense. It is completely captivating.

The second half of "Yellow Star" was read in one evening. I simply came to such a place of intrigue that I could not put it down. What a book.

I can't recommend this enough. I have read much of this to our children. I was born slightly more than 20 years past the holocaust, and I did not hear as much about it as I needed to. I lost two uncles who liberated people like Syvia. I grew up with survivors and children of survivors and never heard one story about it.

I am so glad I found this book. I hope that it is becoming a movie. The story of how Syvia's avoiding capture (all children were to be rounded up and shipped out) was exhilarating. There were times when I had a sprinters pulse.

I usually don't say this, but read this book. May we never forget.


Never forget

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Yellow star book review

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