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I wrote a book to encourage blogging. There was a time, recently, when people said that blogging was "going out." It did seem to slide a little. The money machine certainly waned a bit. There aren't so many instant blog millionaires and such. But blogging is a legitimate long form communication and marketing tool.

That's where my book comes in.

Bee Everywhere



Bee Everywhere

How is your web site? Do you blog? Some people say the blog is on its way out, yet almost all major businesses and their leaders are blogging. If you have a small business or non-profit, people need to hear your story. In "Bee Everywhere" you will be encouraged to use all the free and low cost methods on the web to bring loyal customers through your doors. You will learn the ins and outs of web design for your business as well as traffic and list building. This book is not overly laden with jargon and Tech Geek assignments. Your success as a business blogger is primary. Bee everywhere can walk you through as you transition from web-phobic to someone who can say, "I got this." Written by a long-time AV tech, this book can help you to feel at ease with the challenge of building an online strategy to supplement your offline marketing. It's time to put your worries behind and start delivering valuable content to your potential clients. Your brand will thank you for reading "Bee Everywhere."

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