Can a little thing like a Bible study trick really change your life?

You might think it's a little dramatic to make this claim but I think you have likely already experienced what I'm talking about here. Perhaps you have not tried this one.

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The Pen

I know, you must be thinking that I was going for an app of some sort. Well, just no. The concept of rebooting faith involves seeing things (sometimes almost everything) in a new light.

The highlights

I'm sure you have underlined your favorite Bible verses. Then, when you read again, it pops out at you. If you have had a Bible for years, you might have notes and squiggly marks and underlines all over the place. Hey, when I was in third grade, I highlighted every word as I read. This way I could see that I had read it. I was counting books of the Bible that I had finished. Yes, I skipped around to the short ones.


I intend to encourage you to break up with your favorite Bible teachers. You know, take a break. Have a little time apart. Perhaps you will get back together in the end. Please, I do not recommend sending a real Dear Dr. Jeremiah letter. If you do actually write one, keep it to yourself. Seriously, as I encourage you to get alone with the author of the Word, consider a few "helps" as you study. This is the first of such helps.

bible study trick

The Circle

Yep, told you it was simple. Here's the idea, I will introduce to you in the next few posts, things that I suggest for you to circle. This is breaking it down to words or sets of words.

The Repeated Words and Phrases

There are certain words and phrases that you will see throughout the scripture. As you see these, circle them. Eventually, they will start to connect like the walls of the "A Beautiful Mind" guy. When the Messiah, or his disciples, write and they repeat these, the readers of the time knew that it was meant to tie in with the truth of the First Testament scriptures - which was their entire scripture at the time.

The Example

Ok, here is just one example. I believe the Holy Spirit will give you some Keywords as well. However, I will share with you three biggies.

The Way

The Savior said He is The Way, The Truth, The Life. There you have them. Look through the entire Bible and circle Way. Circle Truth, and yes, circle Life. Find out what those words are in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. After you do this, you will hear the echos of God's Word (that's actually another good circle word) in your ear as you read other passages of His Scriptures.

The Side Effects

Soon, you might notice an interesting side effect that can also change your life. As the very Words of Yahweh ring in your ear, the voices of the heaped up years of teachers (good and bad) will start to fade.

God's Words Must Increase, Man's Words Must Decrease!

I don't think that I'm being dramatic when I say that this little "trick" can do something that will change your life.

Do you have any Keywords that you tend to circle? Let us know in the comments below.


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