Do you blog? What's your URL? This "Daddy-blogger" looks to one of the most successful Mommy-bloggers for tips and tricks. I guess I tip my hand a little to reveal that one of my books on my list of 52 is about monetizing the blog.

How To Blog For Profit is not as much about tricks as it is about tips. Basically, this book will not lead you on a fast track to blogging profit. I guess you would have to sell your soul for that one. It is essentially about consistency and improvement. Sometimes we read self improvement books to better ourselves by simply getting a little re-assurance that our strengths are "our strengths."

One take-away I received here was that I should limit my emails. So, if you are getting daily email updates (and they don't go to Spam Central) you will see them a little less. If you are not getting them, sign up. You will find stuff here that no one else has. You get a mixture of smiles, insight, and random safari photos.

I appreciated the author's (Ruth Soukup) insight very much. She was not an overnight success, but has one of the most respected presences in the blogging space. She has employed the traffic building/sustaining tactics that she recommends here. How to Blog For Profit could very well be entitled "How To Blog For Quality." If you are a blogger and you want to stop stressing and start impressing, follow Ruth Soukup's recipe.


One tip I give to myself is to figure out how to get paragraphs back. Have you ever lost your paragraph formatting in your blog? 'Had it two days ago. WP updates messed it up for now. There's a cliff hanger for you. Join us tomorrow. Will Paul's blog have it's paragraphs back, or will it be one big clump of words... Dah Dah Daaah!


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