The More of less

My wife may not know that I have read this book, The More Of Less. However, I'm hoping that she will NOTICE that I have read this book. It comes at a helpful time.

In a sense, I believe K could have written this book. She has helped many people reduce and recycle. However, she's pretty brazen about it. I guess that would be a perfect reality show formula. While people, in the process of moving, agonize over getting rid of Aunt Beezie's ceramic bird that is totally the wrong color for a cardinal.

Joshua Becker received the epiphany while putting on a garage sale. Now, he helps others to rid their lives of the clutter and the high priced excess. He is a leader in the world of minimizing.

The end is not just smaller and less. It actually leads to a land of dreams being fulfilled. Many people are finding that.

Clutter can be oppressive. Many people are slaves to stuff. If you can minimize, perhaps you can go to one income, or take a chance on that job you desire.

This is real personal for me, as I have many projects running at once. If I don't do this, I will drown. I don't think I will be a minimalist blogger, but I may have to blog about some updates.

I mentioned we are moving. If I may add to Mr. Beckers fine book, I would bring out (my testimony) a form of minimalism that I have encountered. Simply put, we move a lot. How much does it cost to move a semi-truck full of goods? How much does it cost to move a minivan full of goods. We actually pay to move that paper weight. Or we pay to store it. Even if we have a large enough house to contain all of our stuff, we are paying the mortgage or the rent to keep a roof over it. That means we are working "for" our stuff (servants of our stuff) rather than for ourselves.

If you are not as free as you want to be, if you have been floundering and faltering, grab this book. Take a sensible plan to "go without" for a season. If you find it's not for you - you can always go back to the stacks of auto traders and shelves of figurines.

Due to the digital age, we no longer need to keep so many of our actual artifacts. We have pictures and we have hard drives.

The More Of Less is a good read with real life application. I believe that your life will change for the better if you listen to the words of Joshua Becker.

“This is it—the book that will change your life with a surprisingly simple solution: Less can actually mean more. A whole lot more.”
Jeff Goins, best-selling author of The Art of Work

“Often our biggest fear about living with less is that we might miss out, but Joshua Becker explains with crystal clarity just how much we have to gain from the minimalist lifestyle. Packed with actionable ideas you can apply today, The More of Less is the perfect balance of instruction and motivation. A must read!”
Ruth Soukup, New York Times best-selling author of Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and Soul

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