courts of heaven

Have you felt distant from your Father in heaven? Have you felt like your prayers are not being answered? This book, Operating In The Courts Of Heaven, addresses that. It hits on a concept that is very seldom spoken of.

While there can be many reasons our prayers are not being heard (Sin, Asking without faith, etc.), the author, Robert Henderson teaches on the fact that our Father sits on His throne in the court room of heaven. While He listens to our petitions, He has instilled a sense of order through contracts and decrees.

With the decrees, there are legal elements to which He restrains Himself. These legal ordinances must be met. That is done through the mediator Yeshua/Jesus, His Son.

Henderson recommends that we present the blood of Jesus before the throne for our healing, deliverance, etc. The author gives a strong testimony of victory when he stood in intercession for his own son. His son struggled with depression for years. After Henderson presented the blood of Jesus as freedom from all legal standing that the enemy possessed, the depression lifted, and his son's ministry flourished.

In the interview with Sid Roth, you will be able to see the concept and hear from the author about the way his prayer life has blossomed and miracles have ensued.

Our Messiah is our intercessor. If you want to take advantage of the ministry that Jesus has for us, let Him advocate for you when you pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you petition. Pray scripture with your fellow saints when you are at a loss for words. Thank you for reading.

How has your spiritual life been lately?

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