He Sets The Captive Free

Corrie Ten Boom should be required reading for all humanity. Start working up some petitions now to make this little book mandatory. Miss Boom (or is it ten Boom?) wrote this book when she was 85 years old. Her legacy will outlive Pizza, I'm pretty sure. She is as classic as butter and as fresh as Kale.

This book is short and sweet. It is directed, mainly, toward those who are currently behind bars, but is, in no way, reserved for the correctional institute. It speaks of forgiveness, repentance, faith, and courage. Over and over she tells of the overwhelming joy that exists in being a child of the Savior. There are tales of her years working with those who are in jails and prisons around the world. This book is hard to find, but, if you can find a used one at a garage sale - scarf it up and slide it onto the top of your pile. Then give it away. That's what I'm doing. I'm taking mine into prison where the same demons mentioned in this book seek to pummel men and women whom the Savior loves and wishes to care for.

Thank you Father for the testimony of this bold hero. Amen

Originally Posted:Mon, 11 Apr 2016 06:35:25 PDT

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