See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse: Dt. 11:26 NASB

I discovered something this weekend that just flat-out blew my mind. I have to share. Take it as a warning, if you will. I don't think it is judgmental at all for me to hope with all kinds of fervency that you do not have one of these "toys" in your child's stocking.


Welp! There you have it. An entire line of voodoo dolls for children. Each one has it's special purpose (curse) to help your child in life. As you see, this one is supposed to help your child when her actions become irresponsible. The money changers for these satanic ritual toys is Wild Adventures theme park. If I had any pea green sputum to give, I would have sputumized all over the entire wall display of this item. Sorry, I love my fellow man. Why would I want the young and impressionable ones to be attached to demonic pests.

Wild Adventures is not the only company making money off of these cutesy demonic toys. I realized that I had seen them in other spot - just didn't take note of what they are. Note: This is not a hidden message in the art or backward masking we are talking about here. It's in the name right there in our face.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Is. 5:20 NASB

Why do I write this? Maybe a friend has given one of these cute yarn dolls to your child? Maybe there's one attached to her purse or backpack, and you haven't thought anything of it. Here's my suggestion, if that is the case.

  1. It must be gotten rid of and taken outside your "camp." It is an open door to the evil that needs to be closed. Please do not donate to goodwill and spread the cancer.
  2. Prayer (and possibly anointing) needs to take place to re-dedicate the temple of your home as well as your child's body.
  3. Repentance (turning) means go and live in a new way, in a different direction. Pray biblical prayers of blessings over your family, your home, and your child and walk forward in victory. No attempts by the enemy can be heeded. He has no more claim. He is not welcome.
  4. Use this as a teaching moment. Educate your child on spiritual warfare, blessings, and curse. "Some parents would simply not buy the item, or get rid of it without involving the child." - Joanie Elder (Emanuel Farms, Tallahassee) In this teaching moment, I do think it is important that we don't over-react. Emotions brought on by the seriousness of the moment can often be misinterpreted as shaming or blaming. "truth in love."

Honestly, if very many people read this post, I can already anticipate that there will be actual people who proclaim to follow Christ, who will object to the dangers of voodoo dolls in their child's toy box. They might say, "It's no big deal." Here's basically the deal. They are just wrong. I have no desire to condemn. I am merely here to enlighten and warn. In the end, I believe people will benefit from these words. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you see any other threatening toys/video games out there. Let us watchmen/women keep our eyes open for two reasons: Warn each other of danger, and shout for joy at the coming of our Savior. Hosanna!

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