Yesterday, I was cleaning up my visor. Yes, the visor that swings down every time you have to drive toward the sun. Bank envelopes, a little tiny calendar, forgotten receipts that were, for some reason important enough to stash. Wait. There's a little index card with a drawing from my little sweetie-pop. This drawing impacted me yesterday.

Dad Award

This post can seem a bit narcissistic, I guess. We are told that it is best to have someone else praise you, not yourself. Honestly, that has always been my struggle with resume's. Here's a piece of paper with all my accomplishments...The Bible warns of pride throughout. So, sorry if this seems like a "brag blog."

But, my main intention here is to point out the process of what happened (and what I learned) when I paused to re-look at this drawing from my daughter.

We have so many little drawings from our little ones. Many go in the trash or get stashed like this one did. When presented, there is a "Thank you, sweetie," and a silent, "Now, what was I doing?" Honestly, the moment is sweet, but not often savored. Why do we take those life-snacks so lightly?

This time (months after the card was presented) it hit me. What grabbed me were the turtles. I realized that this "I Love You" note is a bit more than I originally perceived it to be. It is an award. You see, I have occasionally been drawn to stop the car (when safety allows) and escort little miss turtle to a safe zone, away from the threat of being... well, a road waffle.

This beautiful sketch rescued me. You see, this week, I have been in focused prayer. I have been scrapping with the old me about missed opportunities, blown deals, and unfulfilled potential. I have been staggering a bit in my attention and my focus due to the sticky glue of regretful memories. Honestly, when the Father showed me this "prize," this "award," He lifted me up. He carried me to a new spot and pointed me in a safe direction.

How committed to dad-ness are you? How much of you is "present" when you are present? I'm certainly no authority, who can tell dads how to be good dads. However, this time, I was reminded that children (and turtles) can give us some good hints.

Do you break for turtles? What have you learned from your child's drawings?

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