If you know me at all, you will know I have a diversity of interests and skills. Maybe it's a case of Renaissance Man Syndrome (wanna be), or Jack of Many Trades, etc.

I took all last year to learn how to apply some of this stuff. One of those projects for this year is Book 1. I just published my new book, "Am I Jewish?"

I say Book 1 because, like so many people, I have had a few up my sleeve for way too long. I pulled together much of the info that I have blogged about in my series by the same name. So, I invite you to be part of my launch team. It's out there now. If you are interested in it, there is a paperback as well as a Kindle version. The insider secret here is this: If you buy the paperback, you will have the opportunity to get the e-book for just $.99.

Am I Jewish Cover

Just a quick note about this little book.

As you may know, we are a family who have restored Biblical feasts into our lives. Many (and I do mean many) times we have simply been asked, "Are you Jewish now?" This is an exploration of that concept, not only for me, but for all believers in the Son of God as the Savior of the world.

Should Christians consider themselves Jewish? Should Jews be offended by that notion? Should it be a compliment, or an insult? What is Jewish? For that matter, what is Christian, and what are the differences? If you look at the actual beliefs of Judaism, I think you will be surprised at the answers.

I grew up hearing the word "Jewish" as a derogatory term. I have heard decades of preachers instructing us to stay away from Judaism. Would it surprise you that the Word of God actually never says that. When you really look at it, wouldn't that be odd if God (who never changes) suddenly changed sides. The Bible is very simple in it's message, while complex in it's application. Could it be that much of the Christian world has been missing a key point in her inheritance? Could it be that the Holy Spirit is calling us back to a more basic understanding of the Words He gave us?

If you are one of the brave one who would buy this book, I would love for you to review it on Amazon.

It has been 11 years since my last book and I intend to spin out more without the delay. So stay tuned, as they say.



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