The Gel Pen and The KJV

The gel penJamesy is one of those inventions they did not have when I was born. All of the sudden, the 90's came. The world was ramping up for a digital revolution, but a sweet little invention. Ok, it was officially invented in 1984, but I don't believe I saw it in popular use in my realm until the 90's.

According to, this was a Japanese innovation. The Gelly RollJamesy brand was the first. I must brag that I have one before me this moment. I must say, they are premium. However, I prefer a click pen because I tend to lose the caps. They fall off in my pocket occasionally. (

the gel pen

Bible Marking Gold

I don't know if you are an underliner like I am. I do not read a physical book without a pen by my side. Most of our Bibles get marked up as we study, and that's a good thing according to me. There are some who disdain the marking of the physical paper that holds the Scriptures. I have been told that it is good to have a clean copy of the BibleQueen in cases where you may be sharing Words of life with someone from this tradition. The tradition is that the paper and the ink are Holy as well as the essence of what they are saying, therefore marking it is like graffiti on an element of the Temple or something.

Jumping off the bus

If you are, in fact, one of that mindset, I'm sorry, you are simply not going to appreciate my recommendations of marking all over the place in a Bible. So, you likely will find the rest to be hogwash. Just giving you a chance here to jump off this discussion and continue your regularly scheduled activities. I hereby release you.

Was that too harsh?

Should I have said that in a more gentle way?  Oh well, we've got some scribbling to do. I am not going to give an extensive tutorial on Bible journalingteacher and marking. There are plenty of people who do great videos on that. One recommendation is Robin Sampson. She is Queen of artifying your Bible and journalsJamesy.

Reduce The Bleeding

No, we're not doing a first aid class here. I am simply prepping you for a few good Bible hacks. These can apply to just about any translation; not just your King Jamesy leather bound pulpit pounder. We shall not discriminate for most of these reboot style hacks. The purpose is to bring the Word closer to our face and heart.

This gel pen will help you to mark the pages with less bleeding than a typical ink pen. I am a pen fanatic, so don't get me going down that trail. we could be here hours.

Some pages are super thin. If you have a super thin paged Bible, you may have to go with the pencil. But for our purposes, I recommend... you guessed it, the GEL PEN.

gel pens are less likely to bleed through the paper on which they write, lines that they write are finer that those that a fountain pen writes, and gel pen can write on dark surfaces and smooth materials. ( )

They do run out of ink faster. I will grant you that. But how long do you use a pen anyway? People like me usually lose them well before they run out. I'm getting better with that, but it's an issue.

Pen to Paper

Next, we will start on some specific Bible study hacks. Let this be our first call for your suggestions on this. We all have some tweaks that are useful for us in this way. So, even though you are likely not my student, I am giving you the homework. Go get a couple gel pens. I recommend at least two (red and black) but, for extra credit, you may want green, blue, and yellow. Yes, that is one of the benefits of a gel pen. Yellow pigment. If you go overboard with the colors, it will not get you any extra favored status. You are already highly favored in Yah's eyes, so being the teacher's pet here would be anti-climactic.


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