Wow, there are people who would just about burn me at the stake for words like that. Today I have a quick fix to a verse that, I believe you would agree, was handled wrongly by the English translators of the King James Bible.It is very simple to do.

And..harmless. In 1611 you could hang a picture on the wall, but you didn't have a laser level. If you traveled back in time, you could look at your ancestor's painting of her ancestor and give it a little tweak to make sure it's straight. Well, we can do that (and we have been doing it) to the bits and pieces in the fine translation brought forth by the King James and his theologians. Let's look at Acts 12:4. This is the only verse in the Bible which actually says the word "Easter."

And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people. - KJV

The Greek word underlying that is "pascha" which is Passover. ALL translations newer than the King James have printed this as passover. And all other instances of the Greek word pascha (meaning the feast of Passover) have been translated as Passover.

Simply take out your #2 pencil, or your gel pen and cross out the word Easter and replace by writing in Passover.

Go ahead and try this simple fix. I think it is important to be honest with ourselves that there may have been flaws (or intentions) in the humans who wrote out this translation. If you make this little hack, your KJV is more accurate. 

Why do we keep trying to convince ourselves by coming up with convoluted reasons for things. I read a long apologetic on this mistranslation and it was actually a little embarrassing. The theologian stated that it is actually 100% accurate and inspired because it is referring to the pagan festival of Ishtar which, translated in English, is Easter. "Boom, Long Live The King of Versions!"

Problem: That means the Greek is faulty. So, it must be assumed that the Greek and Aramaic were wrong, and the Holy Spirit waited until 1611 to bring His true and living Word to King James' men.

OK... Or you could simply use all the tools we have; the languages, the other translators, the basic facts. All it takes is a little bit of honesty with ourselves.

What other things have we been hanging onto? What if we found out our version of rapture theology was off by 7 years, or that your Sunday school teacher had the wrong idea about hell. What if you found out that your favorite restaurant served food that was sacrificed to little carved figurines. Just a thought. How "dug in are you?"

What if you are clinging to a tradition of men that is keeping you from a fuller truth, a more simple knowledge of the Almighty One Himself.

I believe that is the journey of the original disciples. They walked with the Savior and were taught as well as corrected when their knowledge was off course. May we all humbly come before our Creator and allow Him to make us into pure vessels of His Truth, Way, and Life. 

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