Is there hope for the tiny dreamer, and the not-so-tiny ones? 

hope for the tiny dreamer

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We sat around the living room, reading our Bible portions out loud. All the reading and discussion was over and it was time to share what we were grateful for. Everyone shared and it was time for the tiny one, the two year old.

While we read, she was playing with an array of plastic foods. She was building quite the feast. Why did we let her "play" during devotion time? Quiet. Yes, she was occupied and not running around or climbing something. She was focused.

Here's the cool part. I addressed her and asked her to tell me what she was thankful for. Immediately, she said, "To go to Wild Adventures." That is a theme park for which we currently possess year-long passes.

I was a little shocked and relieved.  Not only was she able to answer me in her focused state of play, but she was listening to the answers of others. She picked the one (that was offered up by her sisters) which she liked best and answered appropriately. She WAS listening. She was not so lost in plastic hamburgers that she could not interact with the daddy.

Here is an article on the Benefits of Coloring.

hope for the coloring book lovers

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Simply put - People listen when their hands are occupied. I am living proof. I am a serial doodler and big-time dreamer. I was a twelfth grader once upon a time. I was warned many times by Mrs. Cameron that I needed to stop staring out the window, Eventually I was moved to the center of the room next to sleeping, drooling Brad. She believed that I was too busy daydreaming that I could not pay attention. The opposite was true. She believed that I needed to look at her to retain the knowledge. It simply was not so. I may have a touch of something going on with me, but I retain better when I'm not looking in the eyes of the instructor. I'm shy like that.

It wasn't until many years later that I was told that some children learn very well while their hands are engaged in activity.

Whew! I suddenly make more sense to myself.

In home fellowship, we hand out coloring books. In many children, you will have a better chance of getting words into their heads if they are allowed to draw, color, build blocks, etc. Have you tried this?

If not, try letting your child engage in a quiet activity during a time where you need them to listen - homeschool lessons, church sermons, bank visits, etc. I think you will be encouraged that there IS hope for the tiny dreamer and fidgeter. 

hope for the building blocks player

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