If you would like a book that tells of the Salvation freely offered to all sinners, this is a good one to read to your children. It reads like a mixture of Goonies and Jonathon Sperry. A beautiful narrative which ends up becoming a lesson in true repentance and faith.

While many children's books water down the Good News with puppets and talking fruit, DeLoach tells it like it is. This book will surely spark some theological inquiry from your 6-12 year old.

Regarding these book reviews. As some may remember, I started out this year with a goal of 52 books. I kinda stopped writing reviews. That was how I was keeping them straight. Counting them as I blogged. Well, I have continued, but slowed pace a bit. However, I have read some duds, however. I have knocked out a few self help books (some needed help) and some diet and fitness books. Many of them are OK, but nothing to grab off the shelf and make your best paper-thin friend.

So, I'm back (so to speak) and looking for book suggestions as well as giveaway books. Contact me at email@paulbass.net to inquire.


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