Well, often when running after two rabbits we'll end up loosing both of them. But no, that saying is not always true and it does not apply here. Usually people find it confusing when they realize that in order to have a family they have to give up their career dreams, or in some cases even their jobs. Actually it's all about priorities and self control.

If ever confronted with this problem, and no other advice works, try following these stages and maybe you will find the answers you need.

1. Decide if you are ready and able to have a family.

I have a pretty radical take on this. I am convinced that marriage means - "I'm ready for a family." One looks for a spouse to be the one with whom to raise a family. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I have learned that pop culture's doctrine of "control your reproduction" is never found in the Bible. So my answer to a person who is "not ready" for children: You are not ready for marriage.

You must take in consideration all aspects, family life means: children, spending time together, support.

If you don't seem ready and still take this step, your family will end up neglected for sure and you shouldn't try to follow the next steps unless you are ready.

2. Make a work plan and try to share work problems at home.

Compartmentalizing only serves to separate us from our loved ones. I honestly don't care if my children know how much I make in salary. We use this as a teaching tool. You might find it unbelievable, but your family can help with your work. They love you and even though they are not specialists in your work area, they will do their best to give the best possible advice.

3. To have a career you have to work harder. Try getting some work done at home.

This is not to be confused with doing only work when you are at home. However, when working toward that project, you will have lots of unplanned work to do. If you stay and finish it all at the office, your family will barely see you. Try and take home with you what can be taken and at least they will be happy knowing you are next to them, even if you are busy for a season.

4. Keeping a warm atmosphere at home will ease your job.

Do not fight with your family when you come home stressed from work and also do not keep work problems secret from your family. If when you get up in the morning you will be encouraged and leave home contentedly, your job will be a lot easier. Steer clear of contentiousness at home. Home is a place for Shalom. It should be a desirable place.



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