Spectacle has it's power, but I must tell the truth here. See what I think of the newest Wonder Woman movie. Is it a family film?

Wonder Woman is liked by everyone... but me. Really? Everything is overblown. I wish this was the Lego Wonder Woman movie. It was less believable.

Don't get me wrong, Gal Gidot is "The Gal" of the moment. She is worthy indeed. But I did not need to see her and Steve Trevor get all carnal and stuff. Not a family flick.

wonder woman review

ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

The goddess story line was just all in your face. I could not rest in the face of overt blaspheming the "real" God.

If it does one thing, it opens up the can of worms that's been waiting to ooze forth. This fascination with super heroes has escalated to the top. They are not just special people, or mutants that are evolving, they are simply deity. There you go. My superhero is better than yours. She's a goddess... who didn't quite know about that for a while.

Unrelenting evil pagan deities are not good villains either. How can we relate. We have suddenly undone everything Die Hard accomplished. The regular guy is supposed to be the hero.

I enjoyed Rock Dogs better than WW. At least they have the decency to play on a bad dyslexia joke and never take itself seriously for a minute.

Wonder Woman has plenty of serious fans, but not me.

What did you think? Are you looking forward to any summer movies?

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