My review of "Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother" by Joyce Swann.

I have been sitting on this book for far too long. I was introduced to the book by Alexandra Swann when I was working on the Homeschool Channel (no longer in existence).

I enjoyed this book by one who can be called a pioneer in the movement. It was exciting to see the transformation in a parent that took place while homeschooling. I can certainly speak for that in my life. If you homeschool, did you ever imagine that you would grow so much as a person? Maybe that is what drew me into this lifestyle. I needed more homeschooling myself. I certainly learned from Mrs. Swann.

The Swann children have all grown up to succeed in various ventures, and are writing books as well. This book is not written as an instruction manual. However, there is much to be gained by reading. I appreciate the anecdotes and the testimonies of God's powerful hand in the lives of the Swanns.

My two oldest daughters have read part of this book as well. They both concur. It is a much needed text for today's home educator.


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