Why Freshmen Fail

Are you ready for college? Each year bright-eyed freshmen arrive on campus anticipating success and the freedom—finally—to enjoy life as an adult. But too many of those students fail to complete their first year. Some may enter college for the wrong reasons. Some may be overwhelmed by academic or social pressures. Some may discover that their goals and motivations have changed or are not well matched with their chosen institution. And some students need more time and breadth of experience before entering college. As a tenured professor at Southern Methodist University, Dr. Carol Reynolds watched students come and go, listened to their frustrations, and helped to put some of them back on track. She explains that failure is often predictable . . . and avoidable! In these pages, she lays out the primary reasons for failure based on her personal experience and observations in the trenches. More than that, she offers a lighthearted prescription, to students and parents alike, for avoiding the pitfalls and turning college into a rewarding experience.

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Video Marketing – You Can Do This

In my 20 plus years of video production I have witnessed many people who have feared the process. Now, with YouTube and all the other platforms available, along with the affordability of the medium, it it nothing to fear. In this handy guide, we visit three key factors in online video marketing. Production Distribution Promotion Learn very important factors in creating the videos that you want to produce. Discover how to determine what your audience wants. Take a look at what works on YouTube and implement these strategies. Video is such a fun and profitable way to bring customers to your store or web site. My goal is to encourage small business owners who are interested in video to make the commitment and follow through. I encourage ministries to start sharing their teachings and promotions now instead of waiting for the right producer to step through the door. Video Marketing – You Can Do This! And you should start right now.

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Am I Jewish

Do you consider yourself a Gentile? What do you know about Jews? Many Jews do not believe that a Jew can have faith in Jesus. Many Christians do not believe that a person can have faith in Jesus and still be a Jew. What if those are both wrong notions? This book looks at the actual beliefs of Jews as compared to those of Christians. You may be surprised. We will take the entirety of scripture as well as a very old document in order to examine our hearts and grow in knowledge. If you read this book, you will walk away with a better understanding of Judaism. You will also gain more affection for your fellow man as well as a renewed compassion for Abraham's seed. The Church has largely turned her eyes away from hundreds of years of opportunities for peace and dialog. Doing unto others as you would like for them to do unto you is exactly why I encourage every person (especially Christians) to ask the question, Am I Jewish?

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The Singing Stone

The Singing Stone takes you to a land where sharing your faith is illegal. Follow the saga of Sorbak (the enforcer) as he learns the dangers of persecuting religion. He soon finds himself in hot water and has a real change of heart.
The Singing Stone is a parable which watches the words of Christ play out as is recorded in Luke 19:40 – And he answered and[a] said, “I tell you that[b] if these keep silent, the stones will cry out!” (LEB)
Share with your young ones the absurdity of religious persecution. The Singing Stone is a cry for tolerance and for prayer for the persecuted church.

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How to Supercharge Your Marketing Videos

Make Your Marketing Videos All That They Should Be I have been encouraging you - the one who did not volunteer to be the AV assistant in high school - to pick up your iPhone camera for more than just selfies. Now it is time to...

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