I finished a book unexpectedly yesterday. Hebrew Word Study: A Hebrew Teacher's Search For The Heart Of God. This is a devotional that has been read sporadically, but has been finally completed. Each chapter is a study on a certain biblical Hebrew word. The author, Chaim BenTorah, pulls a word out of a passage and breaks it down further.

There are multiple meanings of some words due to the depth of the Hebrew aleph-beit. When the word of choice is broken down by looking at each letter meaning, it really opens up a new world of context.

I have used certain chapters to share truth with my fellowship in prison. As there are more books in this series, I intend to read on... and be enlightened. If you search the book through clicking the picture, you will see a listing for the book on Amazon as well as references to the other books in the series.

The only drawback is that the Hebrew text in this Kindle version runs from left to right (the opposite of how it should be formatted). The author also warns that the iOS kindle app version gets transposed into English, so it's hard to see what he is describing about the Hebrew letters. Overall, I was enriched. Next, I will read this out loud with the family.

From the Amazon description:

There is a growing interest in the Christian community to study the Hebrew language. Many Christians have expressed a deep feeling that there is much more to the Old Testament than one experiences in a first reading. There is a growing hunger among Christians to study the biblical languages to gain this deeper insight. As a Christian who was raised in an evangelical Christian environment, I am convinced there are spiritual lessons in the Old Testament that we as Christians never experienced. As a Hebrew teacher who has studied the Hebrew language from both a Christian and Jewish perspective, I am convinced that there are truths buried in the Old Testament that have never been exposed to us. A day rarely passes that I do not discover something new and exciting about God and my relationship with Him that I have never realized in a lifetime of walking with God. I have learned that the Old Testament is like the heart of God; it is a well that will never run dry. In this book, you will discover things about God and your relationship with him that you may never have considered. Perhaps you have considered such things but found no biblical reference to confirm it. Ultimately, what you will be discovering is God revealing His heart to you through the depths of His Word as shown through the ancient Hebrew.


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