the baloney of amoeba evolution

Who made you? Even a child can be confident in the fact that she does not need to bow to a microscopic slime ball. The scripture says that you are His workmanship. The word translated as workmanship can be rendered as "masterpiece." He crafted you and me. We can be very capable in resting in that fact. Don't let Abba be mocked. Don't entertain scoffing ideas of all powerful accidents.

When we are faced with our passing from this life, shall we say to our judge that we never saw evidence. The evidence sits before us every day and, even the most devout skim by it at times. How immeasurable is His wisdom. Who can make a bee? Who can make the trillions of bacteria that coexist with our living cells?

So, relax. Enjoy the fact that you are well-crafted and designed. You will accomplish what He made you to do.

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Have you encountered any grumpy atheists lately? May you smile in the face of adversity.

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