We now have another rendition of Spiderman. While the others were fine, we can always take some time to check out a new version of the story. This time, he's supposed to be fifteen years old. Yet, he's figuring out the acrobatics and the fighting thing, well... just fine.

spiderman review

ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

It is an entertaining film. This time, he owes a lot to Iron Man and his technology. While it is a nice roller coaster fun ride, I did something different. About three days after watching the film, I asked myself, "Do you like it?" And the answer was, "Eh." Sure, there was plenty of snark, and quirk, but little lasting spark. 

Maybe if I watch the Sony Pictures trailer, it will remind me of some beauty that I forgot. Maybe it will help this hero flick to actually leave a mark.

Here's the deal. I am losing my interest for animated real scenarios. A swinging man-spider is a man on a string, but a drawing of one, is just a drawing. I need my cartoons to be more goofy... like Goofy.

So, I haven't turned on Spidey. Maybe I was never that much of a fan. But super heroes are starting to jump my shark. Summer movies, this year, must have been eaten by the shark. After watching the previews for "Thor (with a last name)" which is coming soon, there is no way you will get me to see that, even if you sneak me in just past dark.


derwerbepool / Pixabay

Oh well, we will always have Dunkirk.

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