In Consideration of the Book(s) of EnochIn Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch by Ken Ammi
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In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch is a worthwhile study on the books that are considered by some to be written by the Biblical Enoch.
The author, Ken Ammi presents a fine amount of detail without bogging us down as if we were looking at someone's Masters Thesis.
He compares the various traditions in regards to the origins.
He contrasts any scriptural contradictory passages.
Don't come into this book with any preconceived notions regarding the topic. It is an important topic that deserves a well-written book like this.
The prolific author, Ken Ammi tends to address some of the issues that seem to float out there on the fringe, if you will. I enjoy this, because many people simply keep things like the Books of Enoch in the question mark zone.
I recommend this for any person who upholds the Christian faith as well as the one who holds no faith at all.
In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch is a well written study on the subject of the manuscripts which have been shrouded in mystery for over a thousand years.

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