This is a review from the viewpoint of a follower of the Gospel of Messiah (Christ). The Eagle Huntress may suffer from a little bit of forced feminism (including the song at the end) but the preachiness is a small price to pay for the beautiful film.

It is the tale of a girl who breaks the tradition of men handing down a skill to their sons. She becomes an Eagle hunter. She trains an eagle to help her in hunting small game. Here's Basically The Deal
1. It is a very encouraging film for girls. 2. It is the story of a girl and her pet. 3. But most affecting to me is the bond, the relationship of father and daughter.
It is so refreshing to see something as unlikely as this movie to make it to the big screen during a time of cartoon heroes.
Bonus: Totally G rated. However, it is subtitled, so only your readers can grab the whole meaning.

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