I can truly say this one stands out from the pile of self-help books that I've read. Brendon Burchard's "The Motivation Manifesto" is worthy of a permanent slot on the small bookshelf.

The Motivation Manifesto

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He reminds me of my early journal writings, except not as abstract, and not as darkly juvenile... Oh, and not so... junk. I now understand what the hype is. The guy's got a talent for expression. Going by this book, he must be a natural encourager as well.

I honestly have to recommend this book. It seems to spark something. I can walk away from a chapter and think, "Man, I can do this."

The gist of this book for me is that He encourages the reader to be authentic. To do whatever it takes to do the things you were put on this planet to do. To be the best version, and likely we're not there yet, of yourself.

My only complaint is that it is rather ambiguous in regards to faith. He wants to improve each person's lot, no matter what faith. But, I can divide the handful of universe-ey kind of religious vagueness.

And, in case you did not know it, I have not been keeping the exact count on how many books I've read this year, so far. I have been keeping up with my goal, in a sense (52 books in a year) as I list them in my bullet journal. The problem is that I have already been through 3 journals. So, I'll have to do a count soon. The picture below will carry a clickable link to the Amazon listing for The Motivation Manifesto.

I thought I was opening another skim milk, grab a nugget or two, easy read. I read the cover wrong. This one (which has a beautiful cover - don't get me wrong) was full out creamy whole milk, straight from the cow, good stuff. Get it. I don't often say that. You will benefit in more ways than one from:

The Motivation Manifesto.

Are you meeting your utmost potential? Share with me what your special gift is. How do you use it to make the world better?

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The Motivation Manifesto


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