If I had to squinch my message down into a communion cup, I guess I would say this:

You see. We're not all that different. Stop treating your neighbor, the Jew, so badly.

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Holocaust Survivor - Photo by fsHH (Pixabay)

One must have the teachable spirit to be open to such statements. You might say that you haven't been mean to the Jew. If that is true, I must commend you for rising up above that which your heritage has been guilty.

I submit to you that the history of Christianity has largely been about rejecting what is Jewish. So much so that it is woven into our every day speech and actions. The day of Sabbath is instantly rejected and those who observe are called Sabbatarians, and it is not spoken in favorable terms. It is meant to, somehow, discredit anything that person says from then on. We forget that Adam through apostles were Sabbatarians. Even if you believe that the Sabbath was changed to the day of the sun, you must look at this? Why was Sunday enforced by Roman law (as well as British, etc.)? Because Saturday was the "Jewish" sabbath.

Anything but Jewish...

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Church "fathers" such as Ignatius and Marcion (before the Constantinian Church) very early in the game spouted their hatred for Jews and Jewish things and set about to establish a new thing under the authority of Greek minded Christian hierarchy - bishops. Jesus never claimed to preach the Gospel of Christianity. Neither did any of the apostles. Not even Paul. It was the Kingdom, and you were either IN the kingdom or you were of the nations, which means pagan... which many English versions choose to translate often as the word "Gentile." Do you know any pagan Christians? Hmm.

In my many years of being a Christian, fellow Christians often do not know what they believe except they know what they don't believe and it's just not Jewish. Jewish is the new pagan to many followers of Jesus.

Why is this?

I think many, many Christians would be surprised that their beliefs are surprisingly similar to those of the Jews. What would that do? I do not know. I don't know what the effect will be from this book. Will someone have me on her podcast? Will theologians try to drill me. Well, Christians disagree don't we.

Here's a fact.

So do Jews. There are many different views within Judaism, just as there are many in Christianity. How many denominations are there in the Christian world? The numbers recited continue to grow. The point is that there are many flavors of what is called Christianity just as there are several Judaisms. Therefore on cannot say that they categorically deny or condemn Judaism in belief or practice. By the way, if you condemn Jewish blood (which many Christians have done for centuries) you are on dangerous personal ground. Just sayin'.

So what if your brother has a Jesus faith that looks like Judaism to you? Would you place him in a ghetto, send him to a labor camp, seek to exterminate him? Or just burn his synagogue like Martin Luther suggested?

Our anti-semitism may actually be anti-Christ?

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What if Christ was a Jew? Wait. He was. Sorry if that sounds sarcastic, but it gets a little silly sometimes, the words that people speak around this idea that things must not be Jewish in order to be Christian. Do we realize that there will be an actual Anti-Christ and he will be Anti-Jew... And how hard will it be for the Christian who is already anti-Jewish to accept a Christ who does not look or act Jewish?

We already have.

My brother, my sister. This is my plea. Stop closing your heart to the Jew. The King of the Jews is coming back. He will be the Jew who reigns on a Jewish throne and if you are looking for a different guy, you may accept the wrong one, whether you know John 3:16 by heart or not. And if not for you...

What about the Jew?

If you keep preaching a God who hates His established days, people, and land. Why would one Jew ask where to sign up?

What about the Pagan?

If you keep the same feasts, look at the same statues, and even use some of the same customs. why would they need to change. If all religions look like theirs, why switch?

I think this simple thing, wait, I believe it in my whole heart - If we get to know the Jewish Jesus (called Yeshua in Hebrew and Aramaic and Iesus in Greek), we will start to love the things He loved, have compassion for the people whom he loved, and want to walk in the Jewish ways that He walked. These were simple and Biblical ways, not the sectarian ways of the Pharisee, but the Way of the King.

Am I Jewish? Does it matter what I say?

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Does it matter what you say - for that matter?

"For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh;  but he is a Jew who is one inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter; whose praise is not from men, but from God." - Apostle Paul (Romans 2:28-29)

YHWH praises the one who is a Jew inwardly and whose heart is circumcised.

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Ask yourself, my friend, "Am I a Jew?"

Not in a replacement theology kind of way - grafting theology way, a "Jesus is the Way" grafted way.

Be a blessing and be blessed.


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