How many lone video clips do you have on your smartphone? How many times have you told yourself that you would like to bring them all together and make a more "watchable" or share-able?

Three ways to make family videos more professional

Now, this is not a post to get more views from youtube watchers. Those are a complete set of different rules. This is just a way to help someone like Uncle Wes be a little more intrigued. It's an act of mercy to edit away all the redundant shots and to put the video up on the widescreen TV. Wouldn't it be better to add some music to your photo montage - or to have a moving montage at all, rather than, "Let me find another one," while you slide throught the 695 photos on your iphone?

The first tool I recommend is WeVideo. There are simple modes as well as some pretty professional features (for when you really get into this). It is free (which includes a watermarked logo) but there are options to upgrade, including an educational plan (hint, hint: homeschoolers). Their mobile app is super easy to use-ilize as well. If you sign up and there is a line for a referrer, try this code: MATMHAS57AZX. I don't know what that gets me, but maybe they will tweet my peeps that I am a lovely person or something.

The second tool is a little more "photo-centric" but deserves a try. Animoto is the simplest way to bring a boat-load of photos together into a motion video with music and titles. There are a variety of templates to choose from. A mobile app is available as well. I use this handy app to make station ID's and announcements for the TV station that I operate.

The final dandy and handy tool is a phone only tool. As a matter of fact it is iPhone specific, but there are tons of Android options out there. This is a fun way to edit video. I call it Perfect Video, because... that is the name of the app. It has a fairly simple interface, with a guided tutorial built in, to get you where you need to be. One of the beauties of editing on apps is simply the cost. This app has a free and a paid version. I believe the pro upgrade is $3.99. You know what they say, "That's only one cup of coffee." But don't take it out of your coffee budget. People are always destroying that for charities - or cable TV. Somehow, we still have coffee. I would have thought it would be extinct by now. Anyhow...

How many photos and videos do you have on your phone? Try one of these tools to give them more life - and more laughs.



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