Do you have memories that bring you to a physical chuckle?

Let's say that you are rolling down the highway (in your car, not like the blueberry girl in the original Willie Wonka). You have a random flashback of something and you physically laugh.

There are probably a half dozen of these. You might not have the complete list in your head. The real surprise here is what sparks them. For me, they are random acts of hilarity, and they have no pattern. They just show up at random times.

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I just want to celebrate and honor these moments.

Instead of waiting for a holiday, we can have a holi-moment. I mini vacation of laughter to break up the routine. Then, you can face the rest of the day a little more healed. Since laughter is the best medicine, it is good to take a dose on a regular basis.

Here's one of my holi-moments.

When I was growing up, my mom kept the cookies (open for snacking) in the crock pot. One evening, my brother, Wes, reached in when she happened to be cooking chili in this crock pot. He shoved his entire hand in a pot of molten chili... And screamed an almost bad word. I still see his chili coated hand.

I know - It's classic. Life is so full of classic moments. I watched a celebration of the Carol Burnett show the other night. I have enjoyed the show and the replays of the skits, however, life itself has been a Carol Burnett show of sorts. Some jokes are just not funny the second and third time, but some memories are good for a chuckle over and over.

Laughter is especially good at easing the aging thing.

I love it when I see an aged person enjoying life. You know things have happened to that man. Life brings sorrow and decay. But there is a smile inside that makes its way to his face. And that smile brings healing to anyone he meets. There's a hero. If he's a believer, with a true faith in the Savior, that smile is a welcome sign. It is the light from the soul that is the candle of Yahweh.

If, you have been stressed and burdened... If you have been sick or pushed down, grab a holi-moment. Reach in and take it like a vitamin or a Tylenol. It will bring you just what you need - at any moment.

Now share your latest Holi-moment, the memory that has made you chuckle out loud.


I solicited this on facebook and I thought I would share a couple with you.

 My grandfather carrying trash cans to the curb without suspenders on. Halfway to the curb, his pants fell to his ankles. Fortunately, he was wearing boxers. - P

My mom once went to use the restroom inside a Chili's restaurant and accidentally walked into the kitchen, from our table we could hear them yelling..."alien in the kitchen"! - L

My daughter Nicole and I found a plastic little tykes sand box/pool that someone was throwing away. We thought it would be perfect for her new lab puppy. So we waited until it was dark and went by the house to take it . We were ina Grand Prix that had no trunk space and you should have seen us trying to get that crazy thing in our car.  - T

In the recovery room after minor surgery, and this old man in the next bed, who also was just out of surgery, begging for pain meds and yelling he didn't want to have a baby. I love that memory. -K

When my good friend was asked "how many people worked at (your office)." He replied, " 'bout half of 'em." - S

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