I was looking at the enormous amount of opposition that our current president has encountered. In his short stent so far as president of the United States of America, he has received a seemingly insurmountable amount of mockery and out right lies in an attempt to change the vote.

While our offices of government are trying to help run the country, there is a very large amount of people who are trying to run the country into the ground. These are the zero sum game mentality kind of people. They construct any reality in order to get a win. Can you imagine playing anything with these scoffers? Kickball, dodgeball, whatever it is, you can expect low blow from them. 

We have to take a look at this and see who has brought us things like open abortion, global warming, eating animal meat is evil, you name it. Now we have a narrative which has been completely manufactured. This is that of "Russia ruined the election."

My prayer is that this level of misinformation is instructive at least. That we can all now put to bed these silly arguments which are made to tear apart anyone who has faith in God.

As a matter of fact they shall be seen as attempts to control the world by taking your mind off of what is important. What is important? The Gospel.

What is not important? Chasing rabbit trails and spatting over things that don't even happen. For instance Florida is still here. Polar bears are still there. And I'm glad for both. Babies still die every day at the hand of someone who claims to be a doctor. People still reach for something that says no fat even though what they are eating is making them fatter. You may ask what that has to do with the subject, but I think it has everything to do with the subject. Who is the one who told us that eating eggs was bad? The government. These people think that the only way to empower is through government and that they must be in power (take over) the government in order to win. 

I will admit that I was one of the most critical people when I heard people speak of Donald Trump becoming devout in his faith. I thought that this was not a good time for someone to announce that they have had an epiphany. How convenient. You need all of the Christians to vote for you, so why wouldn't you become a Christian? Now that he is in office, I have seen silliness by our media and our politicians that embarrasses me. When I look at Matthew 5:11, I am starting to think that it might be genuine. The opposition to Trump is truly at the level of demonic. 

Remember when Michelle Obama said that she was embarrassed to be an American? Well I'm embarrassed that these people call themselves Americans. Why can they not stick to a genuine argument? As Americans, our intelligence is completely insulted on a daily basis by the false narrative that is put forth. It has always amazed me how magicians can make you look at their left hand when they're doing something secret with the right hand. Now I am amazed at how A subculture of people can perform magic tricks day after day after silly day.

Now, I write this, not simply to rant. I want to encourage myself first, then everybody else, to turn it off. Stop watching this stuff. Stop listening to this stuff. Grab a book. Hold the hand of your child, and go canoeing, for Pete's sake. Breathe real air and get away from smoggy minds and mouths. 

Do the best work that you can do morning noon and night by praying to the Almighty. Pray protection. Pray wisdom. Pray revelation. Pray for the united states of America. Pray for Israel. Pray for the millions of tiny babies who are killed in the name of the false god of convenience and the false god of moral relevance.

Here's basically the deal. If you play their game, you will not win because the rules of their games are one. And that is we win no matter what. So every single attempt to placate, to cozy up, to even hand them a piece of gum will be used against you in their little war. Simply build your own defenses, and let God be your warrior and your might. 

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify our father in heaven. It's in the Bible. Imagine how much can happen in four years with Biblical devout living and unity. Sick people - healed. Captives - free. The name of Yeshua/Jesus - magnified. Amen. I can go for that. 

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