OK, I'm back to writing reviews of books in my journey toward 52 books in one year. How will I ever read all these great (and some not so great) books? Unfortunately, I stopped counting. As I made changes in my blog and started my new T-Shirt store, I did not stop reading. I simply stopped telling.

I cannot let this one go without "telling." "Black Dahlia Avenger" is simply a fascinating read. The only reason I was able to put it down was that I have to eat, sleep and live. However, this, for me, was more engaging than a good crime novel. Why, because it is real. The author, Steve Hodel, did a HUGE service in solving this crime for the world.

He did so in the face of this fact. The killer was his own father. Not only did Hodel discover the evidence that links his father to the murder of Elizabeth Short, but he exposed many more clues to other lives which were taken in the Los Angeles area between 1942 and 1950.

I have to note that Steve Hodel wrote this after retiring as a detective in the Los Angeles police department. So, here's the literary bravery. Not only did he go against the name of his father, but that of the department that he loved and served for his long career.

The morbid situation of brutal murder is handled by the author in the most sensitive manner. I did not have any horrendous nightmares after reading at night. I also was never inspired to spew anything from my mouth.

Thanks to the writing of this book, many new facts and evidences have come to the light. Thank you Steve Hodel for your hard work.

Black Dahlia Review

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P.S. So how many books am I "on track for" reading during 2016? Probably close, but short of the mark. I'll get 'em next year.



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