1. It's about Jesus/Yeshua. It prophetically shadows a deeper fulfillment (yet to come).
  2. It's explicitly Biblical. It's not just about bible stuff. The celebration is instructed and designed by God (Yahweh).
  3. It's a gift to Abba Father's chosen people.
  4. Father Abraham had many sons... and I am one of them. Romans 11:17
  5. No one in the Bible ever tells me not to celebrate.
  6. It doesn't hurt anyone to celebrate.
  7. We enjoy and grow in His grace every time we do so.

Have you ever celebrated a Biblical holiday such as Yom Kippur? Do you refer to them as "Jewish Feasts?" If so, do you consider "Jewish" as a good thing, or do you project a taste of negativity when you say, or hear that term? If so, ask yourself why?

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